Terms Of Service
Last Updated: October 18, 2016
  • By accessing this site straydays.com, you agree to abide by all of the following Terms of Service. If there are any you do not understand, it is your responsibility to contact Stray Days staff for clarification.

  • These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of each individual player to read and reread the TOS to ensure that they are following the rules, and to keep an eye out for any changes. Newest changes will be in red text.

  • Stray Days is a game intended for players aged 13 and over due to some content that younger players may find distressing. Players younger than 13 years old are not permitted to play this site.

  • Stray Days is a simulation, not intended to reflect real money, dogs, etc in any form.

  • Users are granted a certain set of privileges which are not rights. These include but are not limited to: Owning and using one account (be it Basic or Warden), ability to "own" Stray Days dogs, access the message boards, etc. These privileges may be revoked at any time.

  • All site content (coding, text and artwork) found on straydays.com is property of of Stray Days and its respective owners unless such content is indicated otherwise. Site content may not be used or distributed under any circumstances.

  • Admin reserves the right to alter or close down Stray Days temporarily or permanently at any time without giving any notice.

  • You are limited to a maximum of one account. Ownership of an account is defined as, but not limited to possessing the login details of the account.

  • The sharing of accounts IS NOT permitted, and if anyone tries to do so, you do so entirely at your own risk. Admin will not get involved in any dispute between players caused by sharing accounts. Any offenses committed from an account will count against any/all players involved with that account, regardless of which player was actually guilty.

  • We will no longer accept applications to allow multiple accounts to be active at a single IP address in future. If you currently already have more them one family member within the same household at the same IP who have Stray Days accounts, we will not remove anyone, but you must inform administration immediately upon logging into an account if more then one account is or ever was active at that IP address. There may be no transfer of SDC, money, items or dogs among same IP/family accounts. Should it be discovered that there is the transfer of game currencies or items, all offending accounts face disciplinary action, up to and including account termination.

  • Applying for a new account when you already have an active account on Stray Days is subject to a serious warning, and if repeated is subject to termination of your active account.

  • Stray Days accounts may only be owned by the original account owner. Accounts may not be sold, given away or transferred to anyone.

  • A user accepts responsibility for all content uploaded to the site and agrees that Stray Days will not be held liable for their actions. Uploading content (art, photos, prose) without permission from the artist is art theft and will be treated as such.

  • Nothing, be it art, game items or physical possessions may be sold through this site for any real life currencies, including but not limited to: USD, GBP and Euros.

  • The use of any external scripts is strictly prohibited.

  • Discussion of the following is prohibited from the site: religion, pornography, illegal drugs, politics, criminal activities and suicide. This includes both text and images.

  • The use of racist, pornographic, obscene, illegal or otherwise offensive language (including swearing) and images anywhere on the site is strictly prohibited and will lead to your account being warned or frozen. Use of things like $#%&(*%$# and/or sh*t will not be allowed to infer or represent bad language.

  • You are required to respect admin and moderators and comply with their requests - they act in the best interests of the game and its players. Ignoring the requests of admin or a moderator will be taken the same as breaking the TOS.

  • Begging of ANY kind is prohibited, whether it occurs through private messaging, the forums or chat. Advertising of ANY kind through private messaging will also not be tolerated. All acceptable in game advertisements may be posted on the Advertising Board in the Forum. We have a ZERO tolerance policy of any in game advertising of anything that takes place outside of the game that involves earning or asking for money of any sort, including but not limited to personal websites, blogs, businesses, sales of any sort, etc.

  • Scamming, hacking or harassing behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the freezing of your account.

  • You may not impersonate or represent yourself as a Stray Days staff member if you are not one.

  • The Terms of Service of other sites will be respected here. If another game does not allow the sale of its accounts/items/currency, you may not try to sell them here either. Any player found attempting to break the rules of another game in this way will face disciplinary action.

  • Layouts are not to exceed beyond the description box on your kennel page.

  • In the event a glitch or bug arises on Stray Days, you agree to report it immediately to a member of admin. Abuse of such bugs is strictly prohibited, and doing so will result in disciplinary action which may include termination of your account.

  • In the event you believe you are being unfairly treated by a moderator, you must report this to admin who will look into the case without bias. However, anyone found bashing or insulting the site, its moderators, admin or other players, anywhere at any time, will be removed from the site.

  • DONATION OF ART AND USD (or any other real life currency)
  • All donations made to the site are non-refundable. Donations do not give you any rights or exclude you from the terms laid out in the TOS. Donating real money to the site does not entitle you to anything; however, we may choose (or not choose) to credit your account with certain privileges, such as upgrades and SDC as a thank you for your support. Any attempt to use chargeback through Paypal to receive a refund will lead to the permanent freezing of your account.

  • All art donated to the site becomes the sole property of Stray Days Admin and cannot be given to or used by anyone else or used elsewhere (except as examples of the artist's work in personal portfolios). The only allowance made will be that an SD artist may mildly modify any BREED IMAGE ONLY that they themselves have donated to SD, to add their own bit of artistic flair, to be used ONLY on their own personal SD dogs. Any such modifications must be in good taste and not be offensive in any way, and must not be a major change in the artwork. No items or any other artwork may be modified or used in any way without written permission from Stray Days ADMIN. All art submitted by players for use in the image gallery or anywhere else on the game, must be the sole creation of members of SD.

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